TaeKwon-Do has been described by its founder as;
“a version of unarmed combat designed for the purpose of self-defense”
Taekwon-Do indicates the mental training and the techniques of unarmed combat for self-defense as well as health, involving the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks and dodges with bare hands and feet to the rapid destruction of the moving opponent or opponents.
To those of use who have spent the last twenty or twenty-five years in this art have found it to be infinitely more than just physical movements. It has become a way of life and an approach to all life’s variations. Having had the opportunity to train with some of the best Taekwon-Do practitioners in the world, I have grown to admire and respect the Art more than ever.
With its roots in ancient Korean and Okinawan arts TaeKwon-Do has grown to be the most widely practiced art on the planet. It is known for its amazing explosive kicks and powerful hand techniques that can destroy targets of wood, tile, stone, concrete and last but not least bone. The art is demonstrated in five basic areas. Patterns, Sparring, Step-Sparring, Ho Sin Sul or Self Defense and Required Knowledge. Students are tested as their knowledge of the art increases, in each of these five areas. Starting at the 1st grade or Gup the white belt learns and practices until he is ready to test. He then shows his ability to the test board and if his technique merits it he progresses to the next level. Nine Gups later he tests for the 1st Dan or Degree of Black Belt. Then his learning really takes off. Equipped with the necessary tools, if his mind is in control the next years of practice and dedication will produce a true TaeKwon-Do Master.
I will not elaborate further here, but will refer you to our International TaeKwon-Do Federation website for more information.