Beginning in 1981 as a branch of Lee’s Black Belt Academy, Pontiac Michigan, EAGLE TAE-KWON-DO has continued to offer a sincere Christian approach to Taekwon-Do. We began in the Inwood Forest Racquet Club located on the NW side of Houston. We expanded to 2 locations by opening our second facility in the Spring Branch Racquet Club on the West side of town. The school grew to approximately 60 students and had a good measure of success in seeing our students grow and improve in our Art. But the nature of business took a backward step when the company who owned both Racquet clubs decided that racquetball was a dying sport and sold both of the facilities. This put us in quite a bind because there was no convenient location to facilitate both groups. We decided to rent a building on West Little York closer to the NW location because it was the larger of the two, but ended up having to close the facility after a year of operation. Our continued effort then directed us to our present method of operation, The Church.

Mr. Denny as the Pastor of Greater Life Praise and Worship Center, on 34th. At Ella Blvd. began teaching in the recreation room of the Church and continued to do so until the program outgrew that facility. We then had two other changes of venue until our present location at Champion Forest Baptist Church on the North side of Houston. Our locations have changed and our affiliations have changed but our dedication and commitment to the Art has never wavered

We are now members of the American Taekwon-Do Federation International, headed by Master Fabian Nunez, of St. Augustine, Florida. The ATFI is an Independent National Association of the International Taekwon-Do Federation headed by Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg.

Our aim is to continue the tradition and quality of what we feel to be the greatest Martial Art in existence today. One of our goals is to make Houston, Texas the strongest TKD city in the USA. As our students grow and increase in quality education, we are happy to see them become responsible, dedicated, Christian Martial Artists, and all around wonderful people.